What is DB Super Brands?
It is a unique experience for the people to vote for their favourite brands within the Architectural industry, both design and build sectors.
What is the thought behind this activity?
We want to provide the general public, an opportunity to voice their opinion and pinpoint the brands who provide the best of products and services within the industry, to propagate the concept of quality in service and to also weed out inferior products, and make a cleansing impact in the Architectural Products and Services Industry.
How many categories do you have?
Twenty categories, as explained in the Gallup Poll.
How many would be selected to the final from each category?
Five each from each category would be considered from the list in each category.
Who has selected the final list of brands in each category?
An audit firm of international repute along with a Market research company.
What are the factors taken into consideration for this selection?
A lot of factors including Customer satisfaction, Brand awareness, Corporate Social Responsibility, Eco-friendly approach etc., were some of the factors.
Who is the promoter of DB Super Brands?
Designer Publications group, a premier establishment with over two decades in the publishing business within the Design and Build industry is the promoter of the experience called DB Super Brands and assisted by a Consortium of companies in various fields like TVC Factory, SEG Concepts, IDO Designs, Communicator, Impresario Event Management India Ltd.
How long is the voting period?
3 months. The voting would end by October 31st and we shall, with the help of a celebrated jury, pick the final ones from the votes received.
What is the culmination?
The DB Super Brands would be awarded to the recipients in a colourful gala evening at one of the most premier hotels in Cochin, in an Oscar-like evening.